No Limits

Roads are made for the convinence of the people and smooth flow of traffic but in Sector-24 in almost middle of the road a there was heap of solid earth one feet high and seven feet long, causing sudden jerks to the unaware 4 wheelers, trucks and toppling 2 wheelers and causing injuries. the heap of solid earth[…]

Two-wheelers biggest petrol users: Survey

NEW DELHI: Two-wheelers are the biggest consumers of petrol in India followed by cars, according to a survey by Nielsen. The survey shows that two-wheelers consume 61.42% of the country’s total petrol sales, while cars account for 34.33%. Petrol consumption by two-wheelers exceeds 70% of total sales in Odisha, Bihar and Rajasthan, an oil ministry statement said quoting the survey.[…]

“Million Stickers – safety for all”

In our country even today bicycle is the major mode of transport, approximately 40 crore bicycles are on Indian roads and 80% of all bicycles have their rear reflector broken which makes them almost invisible at night. In our campaign we are pasting reflective stickers on the rear mudguard of bicycles so that during night cyclists are visible to other vehicles on the road.