No Limits

Roads are made for the convinence of the people and smooth flow of traffic but in Sector-24 in almost middle of the road a there was heap of solid earth one feet high and seven feet long, causing sudden jerks to the unaware 4 wheelers, trucks and toppling 2 wheelers and causing injuries. the heap of solid earth[…]

Cleanliness Event with Art of Living in Faridabad

This event was organised by an international level organisation ‘Art of Living’. They invited I Love My City to participate in their event. The event was held on 11th September 2010. People from all walks of life joined the event to make the city free from garbage and plastic bags.
Shun Plastic Bages […]

I love my City news

Road Repair at Sector 28 Faridabad

I love my City newsA patch in the road have was in a very Bad shape for a long time, and causing lot of trouble for the local residents and it would lead to dents in cars and very dangerous for the two wheelers specially the at night. After the Success of our first few events, The residents of sector 28 Faridabad invited (I Love My City) to co-ordinate a in a Road Repairing Event. […]

Road Repair Event at Sector 23, Faridabad

At Sector 23 concrete road a patch was broken for past many months and was resulting in many accidents of motocycles and 3 wheelers. The patch was repair using proper contrete mix of cement, stone dust and rori with the help of expert mistri. The road was cordoned off with reflective cones for 24 hours for proper cementing.