“Million Stickers – safety for all”

In our country even today bicycle is the major mode of transport, approximately 40 crore bicycles are on Indian roads and 80% of all bicycles have their rear reflector broken which makes them almost invisible at night. In our campaign we are pasting reflective stickers on the rear mudguard of bicycles so that during night cyclists are visible to other vehicles on the road.



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Great Event !!!

I Love My City in association with New Delhi Trader Association conducted anti spitting campaign in Connaught place Block C inner circle . The attempt was to create awareness about the harmful effects of spitting and ugly marks it leaves behind. Volunteers of I Love My City painted the heritage pillars of Connaught place and echoed slogans to create awareness amongst the people. Passer by and shop keepers signed the pledge board promising to keep the city spit free. President Mr Atul Bhargava and complete executive team of NDTA whole heartedly supported, appreciated and participated the event. NDMC and EIL also joined the event and promised to take it forward to other blocks


Reflective Stickers on Bicycles now adopted by Faridabad Police and Faridabad Industrial Association

The Task of pasting Reflective stickers on bicycles of Industrial workers which was a part of the road safety event ‘My Employee, I care‘ started by I love My City and was held in different Industries and Factories across the city has finally started a Revolution in the city. The Faridabad Industrial Association and Faridabad[…]

One Million stickers Campaign – Road Safety for all – 3rd Event- Newspaper Distributors

I Love My City launch a new Campaign “One million Stickers – Road safety for all” – 3rd event Newspaper Distribution area Successfully Completed On Saturday 25th August 2012 the event was held at Parking Area of Sector 19,behind Sanja Chula, Faridabad. Every morning this place is filled with large number newspaper hawkers who collects[…]