A thought towards clean & beautiful Bharat….

You may come across a tube well in Faridabad, painted to perfection, with different caricatures on it. This is one of the initiatives taken up by an NGO named ‘I Love My City’ which is adopting shabby tube wells.
Several months ago, the tube well in Sector 15-A was lying in a dilapidated state, with garbage and debris strewn around it. The wall was in such a condition that it could not even be touched. Then came in picture an NGO, ‘I Love My City’, under its initiative, painted a particular well’s wall beautifully, giving it a new lease of life.


Road Accidents Claiming young lives

NEW DELHI: A recent traffic police survey has pointed out that more and more youngsters are falling prey to traffic accidents. In the last six months this year, over one-fourth of the 938 people who have died are between 19-30 years of age, while the trend is similar when it comes to those injured in[…]

One million Stickers – Road safety for all Campaign Begins Today

In continuation to our effort to make each citizen of our city aware about importance of Road Safety and how it impacts our lives. I Love My City launches a new Campaign “One million Stickers – Road safety for all“. In this campaign we will be pasting reflective stickers on all bicycles in Faridabad and[…]