No Limits

Roads are made for the convinence of the people and smooth flow of traffic but in Sector-24 in almost middle of the road a there was heap of solid earth one feet high and seven feet long, causing sudden jerks to the unaware 4 wheelers, trucks and toppling 2 wheelers and causing injuries. the heap of solid earth[…]

Place to Play….A Journey towards a beautiful city

Children crave for an open space to play which has become scarce in this rapid growing urbanization and they too are curbed from playing in the parks as elders too need the parks for walk and talk This is a very common story across the city and Sector-15A was no different, but the outlook and[…]


News Article

Great Event !!!

I Love My City in association with New Delhi Trader Association conducted anti spitting campaign in Connaught place Block C inner circle . The attempt was to create awareness about the harmful effects of spitting and ugly marks it leaves behind. Volunteers of I Love My City painted the heritage pillars of Connaught place and echoed slogans to create awareness amongst the people. Passer by and shop keepers signed the pledge board promising to keep the city spit free. President Mr Atul Bhargava and complete executive team of NDTA whole heartedly supported, appreciated and participated the event. NDMC and EIL also joined the event and promised to take it forward to other blocks