December 24, 2010

Founder’s Thoughts

Vision Statement: Empowerment of people through awareness

How it Started On the way to office, maneuvering big pot holes, untamed traffic, dirty lanes and passing through stretches of barren land with no greenery had become norm of the day.

Rather than wait for change or blame others for the conditions in Faridabad, a city of 1.4 million in Northern India, I decided to take a bold step toward improving the safety and cleanliness of the city he held close to his heart. A wish to improve, a wish to serve, to become an instrument for change started simmering in my heart.

After discussions with friends, colleagues and family members, I knew something had to be done. So in the cold December of 2009 I along with like minded people created a voluntary organization named “I Love My City”.

First step was to repair a massive pothole in Sector-23 road and the journey of change began………

An endeavor was made to create a ripple which will will reach many and touch thier hearts. Soon from a handful we grew to become  hundreds.

It is a platform where citizens of the city can join to contribute and make it a beautiful, and a proud place to live with harmony, peace and safety.

Our Philosophy“Our behavior on road, streets, and markets is a reflection of our character,” We work as a social awareness unit to touch, move and inspire common man, government authorities, resident welfare associations and industrialists about their role in maintaining basic civic sense, cleanliness and sensible driving. Lack of awareness brings chaos, filth & disease. There is “No U-turn” after diseases have spread or a crash has taken place. So it is best to be aware and avoid it, any way possible.

Our Mission

We will not complain, We will contribute 

The objectives of I Love My City are:

  • To reach out to Government, Police, Media, Corporate and Community to solicit their support on
    • Road Safety – Be aware and live longer
      • Develop cost effective road safety programs to increase knowledge, awareness and skills amongst the city road users.
    • Cleanliness – Clean City is a healthy city
      • Organize cleanliness events in the city to spread awareness and sense on ownership with residents and and administration.
    • Street Children – Lets give them a moment of Smile
      • Organize interactive events with street children
    • Green City – Tree Plantation campaign “This Tree My Child”
      • Conduct awareness programs in schools, colleges, factories, residential areas
    • Self Defense awareness for girls and women – empowering women to protect herself.
    • Emergency First Aid – Basic fundamentals – Don’t Panic
    • Pollution – Noise and Air – A silent Killer

PP Singh

Founder I Love My City ……..a revolution in making

You can write to me at or call me at +91 9810517997

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