December 4, 2010

About Us

What can we do for our City !!

‘I Love My City’ is a platform make our city a proud place to live.

We all make what ever is the state of our City and we all can contribute to make it a beautiful, Proud place to live with harmony, peace and safety.

We are an Non Profitable voluntary Organization with sole objective to create harmony in the city.

We connect with people, organizations and Administration to conduct voluntary events, to highlight the social issues and solutions, to organize awareness programs on

  • Road Safety – Be aware and live longer
  • Cleanliness – Clean City is a healthy city
  • Self Defence awareness for girls and women – Empowering women to protect herself
  • Emergency First Aid – Basic fundamentals “Don’t Panic”
  • Pollution – Noise and Air “A silent Killer”
  • Street Children – Lets give them few moments of Smile
  • Green City – Tree Plantation campaign “This tree My Child”