I Love my City Road Safety Event

My Employee I care – ROAD SAFETY EVENT at Maharani Paints Faridabad

I Love My City Road Safety Nukad Natak

Scene from ILMC Nukad Natak – Jaan Hai to Jahan Hai

Kallu bhi ban sakta tha bada aadmi

Kallu, a class XII student, raises high hopes in the mind of his parents and friends when he secures 95% marks in his board exams. In this elation and excitement he leaves home to buy sweets. He drives the motor bike though he is under age and that also without wearing his helmet. Result, he dies in an accident crashing the hopes of parents and his own dreams of becoming a “bada aadmi”. This was the “Nukkad Natak” based on the theme “jaan hai to jahan hai” conducted by the volunteers of “I Love My City”.  The volunteers were Deepak Tyagi as Changu, Pardeep Sammi as Mangu and Rajat as Gangoo, Harkaran as Pappu &Manbir as mother of Kallu. […]